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The personal trainer, who is currently facing charges of bank fraud and identity theft , was asked to speak on his legal woes and instead of going into details, he set his sights on the defunct beauty queen whom he says has been hitting on him and attempted to meet up with him for a rendezvous in L. As several of the housewives sat silently with their mouths agape, he also added in this last gem. Box so you can put money on my book. Lmaaoo Apollo is speaking the truth! Without him Kenya has no story line! Apollo got a point though, does Kenya have a storyline beyond this manufactured drama with the text messages? Nida is said to be currently working out a plea deal with prosecutors for his fraud case. Making Kenya Moore the problem to hide their hate and jealousy, is played out. I mean this is the same MF that has stolen the ID and money from—get this—women and older people….

Apollo Nida says he ‘built Kenya Moore’ on the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ reunion

Wenn Sie fortfahren, nehmen wir an, dass Sie mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf der Webseite waldrapp. He made it clear that his shocking admission was spurred on by him confronting his reality of going to prison. I know where I’m going and I need my slate to be clear with everybody,’ he told her.

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That year Apollo was found guilty of conspiracy to commit mail, wire and bank fraud and was sentenced to eight years in prison, but a judge let him off with a shorter sentence. He quickly reoffended and was sent back to prison for an additional two months. Kenya responded to Apollo’s remarks on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live saying: “I guess he’s calling it as he sees it. She also told host Andy Cohen Marc has told her he doesn’t want to break up and instead wants to work on their marriage.

Kenya said: “I think when you’re married you have to try everything to stay togethe r, and if you exhaust everything then you’ll have your answer at the end of the day. Following Kenya and Marc announcing they were breaking up, she said on the show she wasn’t allowed to speak to his parents. Kenya added during the episode she stopped “caring about her own feelings” and only focused “on everything he wanted me to be. Last month, Kenya also revealed she believed Marc had cheated on her.

Millennials II: Violence, Silence and Reflections of a Kenyan Childhood

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The former Bravo star was taken back into custody on June 13, just days after he was released from prison on June 5. Days after his release from prison , Apollo Nida is back in custody. His release date is listed as Oct. Marshals Service on June 13, after being released from prison on June 5 and taken to a halfway house following five years behind bars. A spokesperson for the U. The Blast and Page Six were the first to report the news.

Nida was arrested in January and later pleaded guilty to bank fraud and identity theft. It meant everything to him that his mother and brother spoke on his behalf. His sentence was reduced by a full year in March, and he was, at the time, scheduled for release in August , according to the Bureau of Prisons. Nida married Parks, 45, in , and the couple split in before he left for prison.

The two — whose divorce was finalized in — share sons Ayden, 9, and Dylan, 5. Parks went public with her new boyfriend Tone Kapone in January.

EXCLUSIVE! Apollo Nida On #RHOA Kenya Moore’s Husband Marc Daly: ‘He’s a D*ck!’… (VIDEO)

Apollo Ni Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas are fast friends who have formed a lasting bond that remains strong long after their stint on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We talked for almost 4 hours and there were a lot of hot tea spilled during our chat. Add to Chrome.

Apollo Odhiambo Maima (Dr.) Address: P.O. Box Date of Birth: 23rd March Specialist Pharmaceutical Analyst; Registered Pharmacist in Kenya. & Member of​.

The whore-pocrisy! Over a wine-tasting, the girls spill more tea than vino. Cynthia quotes the texts that husband Peter Thomas told her about. Andrew H. Cynthia claims that the reason why she shared this information with the girls is because of the hypocrisy in the group. Phaedra called Kenya a whore after Apollo lied about their flirty exchange in Las Vegas. The girls comfort her, and Claudia declares that after all of this, Kenya should feel vindicated.

Kenya agrees. In an effort to start fresh, she asks Apostle Thaddeus and his wife, Chandra, to bless her home. For 15 minutes, he talked to Ayden. For two hours, he screamed bloody murder and went crazy on me. Cynthia tells Phaedra that Peter and Apollo talked before Apollo turned himself in. Kenya chimes in…and goes for the jugular. Phaedra swings at Kenya with her clutch as the beauty queen spews her venom.

‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore Explains Her True Feelings About Apollo

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Please Wait. The Judicial Service Commission has no mandate to discipline judges under article of the Constitution. Constitutional Law – Judiciary – removal of a judge from office – role of the Judicial Service Commission in the removal of a judge from office under article of the Constitution – whether in a situation where allegations made against a judge did not meet the threshold for grounds relating to removal of a judge from office, the Judicial Service Commission, could opt to engage in disciplinary measures, such as admonishing a judge – Constitution of Kenya , article Constitutional Law – fundamental rights and freedoms – rights to fair administrative action and a fair hearing – whether a party that was given an opportunity to give a written representations but was not heard orally, before an administrative decision against that party was made, had rights to fair administrative action and fair hearing violated.

Constitutional Law – timelines – unreasonable delay – where reasons for delay included a heavy workload – whether a delay of six months by the Judicial Service Commission in rendering a decision on a petition for the removal of judges from office was unreasonable. Constitutional Law – interpretation of constitutional provisions – role of the Judicial Service Commission in the removal of a judge from office under article of the Constitution – whether the Judicial Service Commission, in handling complaints of misconduct made against a judge could undertake a merit review of a judgment, ruling or order in order to determine whether a judge had engaged in misconduct – Constitution of Kenya , article The petitioner filed a petition with the Judicial Service Commission for the removal of the five interested parties from office as judges of the Supreme Court.

The petitioner alleged that in response to a written statement from the JSC on a retirement age of 70 years for all judges, 3 rd , 4 th and 5 th interested parties had intimated, via a letter dated September 24, , that they had withdrawn their services. The main allegation therefore related to some form of a strike at the Supreme Court. The JSC considered the petition and sought and obtained written responses from the interested parties.

In the course of the proceedings, the 1 st and 2 nd interested parties left the Judiciary, for different reasons, after having served as judges. After considering whether a ground for removal of a judge from office under article 1 of the Constitution existed, the JSC decided to embark on a disciplinary measure of admonishing the judges.

Apollo Agriculture Raises $6 Million to Help Small-Scale Farmers Make More Money

Sad news out of the ATL: Phaedra Parks revealed on Friday that she’s set to divorce her husband Apollo Nida, who is currently serving an 8-year prison sentence in Kentucky for fraud charges. Over the years on Real Housewives of Atlanta , we’ve seen the couple weather their share of ups, downs—not to mention Textgate with Kenya Moore. With the news that the couple are calling it quits, look back at some of the couple’s best moments on the show.

Shocking revelation: Kandi Burruss was surprised by Apollo’s admission of his lie amid Kenya. As well as his confession, Apollo’s marriage to Phaedra also.

I come from a family of five siblings. I have four sisters and I am the only boy. My family is a closely-knit one. From the outside, it was perfect and ideal kind associated with happiness and love. But behind closed doors, it was a different story. Even as we indeed did have love for each other, my childhood was marked by intense violence and emotional neglect; the kind of upbringing that would end up denying me the ability to stand up and speak for myself when I needed to.

And the kind of upbringing that would set me off on the journey of my search for identity later in my adult life. For most people, the closeness that we enjoyed as a family ought to have translated to a more fulfilling childhood, and in effect, an upright, confident young adult. But nothing could be further from the truth. If it was not the corporal punishment and constant criticism that came from my father, whose approval I had lived fighting for, then it was the isolation and emotional distance.

My father was frequently away from home, either at work, or busy doing one of two gigs to eke out a living for his family. I never enjoyed much time with him. I cannot remember the number of times that we became a victim of his mood swings and violent nature, most of which led to physical fights either with my mother, or a beating for me or one of my sisters.


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Apollo uses machine learning and automated operations technology to help small-scale farmers access everything they need to maximize their profitability, from financing and insurance, to farming products and optimized advice. The investment allows Apollo to continue rapidly scaling by partnering with more farmers, expanding its product offerings, and growing its team. Apollo has already partnered with close to 25, farmers so far in

However, Kenya Moore is slamming Phaedra for appearing to be “unbothered, stoic, cold-hearted, and condescending” towards Apollo.

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Miss Lawrence & Derek J: Spill The Tea – Kenya & Apollo in Mexico